early autumn fishing, biking, and photos

It’s officially autumn for a few weeks now, but it feels like summer all of a sudden. Well, at my house, at least. It’s been in the 80’s for days and the nights have even been warm. But, it looks like tomorrow brings the 60’s and it will feel like fall again.

My husband and I took our son to a local pond the other day for some fishing. It was fun, but it was HOT! My husband caught one small mouth bass, which we threw back. It was funny, because our toddler wouldn’t have anything to do with the fish or the worms. He’s all boy, but he’s started to become hesitant of touching everything he sees. When he was smaller, he’d pick ANYTHING up and stick it in his mouth.

I took a 25 minute spin on our homemade cyclocross course a while ago. It is such an intense workout! After that, I did some triceps dips, lunges, squats, and push ups since I’d been lazy the past two days. I still need to practice before the race on the 19th so I can be somewhat ready. I intend for it to be something fun the hubby and I can do together, but it sure would be cool to place, eh?!



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