thou shall not “wing it”

I learned a valuable lesson this morning in my 6:15 aerobics class (which I teach): you cannot wing teaching kickboxing. I have taught kickboxing to this class a time or two per their request, but I thought I would change it up this time. I’m not a certified kickboxing instructor, so I found a good video online and watched it last night. I did not practice before going into teach, so it wasn’t that pretty. So, about halfway through, I started pulling from memory some of the moves I’d used in past classes (months ago). Needless to say, I won’t teach kickboxing again until I’ve taken some classes or actually practiced a routine. Duh.

I feel so much more confident teaching basic sculpting moves or some type of circuit. I’m just not that coordinated when it comes to stepping or lots of movement. Thank goodness I have some good, forgiving ladies in that class!


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