learned something new today!

I learned how to bend wire and make jewelry today during a class at Chestnut Creek School of the Arts. It was a fun class that I took with my friend (the one that does the tooth fairy pillows). The neatest thing I learned was that you hold the wire with your tools and move your other hand…I had been doing it the wrong way when I tried to bend the wire on my own. I probably could have learned to do this by watching online videos, but there was a certain appeal about taking a class with a lady whose been making jewelry and teaching for years. She was a neat instructor.

The three little things I created in the 3 hour class. So fun!

The three little things I created in the 3 hour class. So fun!

I’ve found myself with free time lately after I put my son to bed at night (thanks to my blessing of a husband who keeps our home spotless and saves me LOTS of work), so I will have time to practice my new skills. My plan is to make some neat pieces and give them away as gifts; and perhaps even sell some if I get good enough.

Next up? Learning how to play the banjo (something I’ve wanted to do for years!).

OH! And I learned something else new today – how to use the Pampered Chef apple peeler. I tried to use when I made apple butter and couldn’t figure it out. Should’ve known there was a youtube video for that! Second batch of apple butter coming up soon.


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