apple butter success

I’ve never made apple butter and I’ve never canned anything…until now! I blogged a while back about the apple tree beside our house that is loaded with ripe, fresh, “organic” fruit and I wanted to try my hand at apple butter. It turned out really well. I brought a jar to give to my mom this morning and it sealed on the way – I was so tickled! If you’ve never heard a canning jar seal, it’s an unmistakable “swhoop” noise. Very neat! If you like apple butter, try out this recipe.

I was feeling frisky last night (not that type of frisky), so I got out my bike and made a round on our homemade cyclocross course. It’s hard! My father in law was nice enough to bushhog us a path through the field so my husband and I can practice before our race in October. I forgot how challenging it is to ride a bike through a grassy field and the woods. I never mountain bike, so it’s mentally and coordinately difficult for me. I only ended up with one bruise where my pedal whacked me in the back of the calf.

Tomorrow, I’m excited to go pick up my chickens from a local farm that raises organic, hormone-free meat. It will be about an hour drive each way, but it’s a pretty drive and it will give me time to just chill out and let my mind wander. Sunday, I’m taking a wire bending jewelry class and hopefully seeing a high school friend for a few hours while letting our sons play. Cheers to the weekend!


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