last tri for 2013

My third place prize...I love functional awards!

My third place prize…I love functional awards!

Yesterday, I competed in my last triathlon for the year. I only did two this summer, but I was happy to get third place in my age group at both. My goal for the one yesterday was first in my age group and I almost got second. In the last 100 yards or so, I heard someone coming up behind me. I said “Good job!” before I even looked. As she passed me, she didn’t say a thing. Then, I saw it. Her age on her right calf. Darn! She’s in my age group!

My first thought was “Maybe she will fall down and I can pass her” but then I thought karma might have its way and I would be the one falling down. I ran faster, but it wasn’t enough. She beat me by 28 seconds. I analyzed what I could have done differently to have placed second instead of first…I could have ran more last week and in the weeks leading up to the race. I could have sped up my transition by not wearing my jacket. I could have pushed a little harder and not walked.

However, I chose to look at it on the bright side. I was till two minutes faster than I was last year. I guess that 44 degree weather made me move a little quicker! The ground was SO cold yesterday running around with bare feet in wet grass. The 75 degree water felt like bath water, which was nice. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the sunrise yesterday too. It was gorgeous. I was also thinking while I was running about how blessed I am to be able to compete in the sport of triathlon. There are so many people who would love to be able to get up and swim, bike, and run but they are too weak or ill to do so. I’m so very blessed with good health.

A lady I know was there watching her son compete for the very first time. He placed FIRST in his age group with a time of like 1:13 or something crazy. I was impressed and I think he’s hooked on the sport.

The weekend was great. My oldest sister is in from California – I’ve not seen her in two years and this is the first time she’s met her nephew (my son). It’s been a wonderful time of family and too much food, but I’ve enjoyed it very much. We have to let her go back tomorrow, but I hope it won’t be another two years before we get to see her again.



  1. Congratulations, and good for you, for remembering to count your blessings.

    I don’t have great health; and I’ve had to give up the idea of competing in anything at all, let alone a triathlon. But, after being pretty much bedridden and housebound for a number of years, I’m elated to be beginning a runner’s training program! Life is full of blessings, and it’s definitely good for us to count them.

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