food, inc. (the film)


I finally got around to watching “Food, Inc.” the film. It honestly wasn’t as horrifying as I’d imagined it would be. I expected images of animals being mutilated and such, but it was a positive movie of sorts. It wasn’t as documentaryish (I made that word up) as some other movies I’ve seen (like the one where the guy at 30 days of McDonald’s).

Some of the shocking/sad things I learned are:

  • A 2 year old boy died from eating bad ground beef and the meat wasn’t recalled for weeks after he died. They are trying to pass a law for more inspections of food, but it’s not going anywhere.
  • Ammonia is being used to treat ground beef to reduce contamination. Yuck! I haven’t eaten hardly any ground beef in years, but I’m really going to avoid it now.
  • Lots of folks who are in our government have roles in these large food companies, which is not a good thing.

I recommend that you watch this movie if you are concerned about where your food is coming from.

Side note – I know I sound obsessed with food and its source here lately, and I think I may be just a bit. However, I blog about it more than I talk about it. My goal is to eat more local foods as much as I can. That way, I don’t have to wonder about what’s in my food.


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