a side project: tootsy hootsy, eddie puss, nelly nanner nose & more

About two years ago, my friend (then boss) Tonya was diagnosed with breast cancer. She and I had worked together and become close friends over the past 8 years, so it was disturbing news. At the time, I was about 6 months pregnant, so we were both going through life changing times.

From the minute she told me she had cancer, I had a peace about me and I knew it would all be fine. Thankfully, after surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments, she pulled through just fine (over a year or so period).

Even though I left that job almost a year ago, we have maintained our friendship and are working on a side project together. Tonya is SO creative – she can paint, draw, create stunning digital designs, and more.  I was honored when she asked me to help with Tangerine Begonias, which is starting off as tooth fairy pillows.

I didn’t know tooth fairy pillows existed until I met Tonya. Now I’m educated that when a kiddo loses his or her tooth, he or she puts it in the pocket on a dandy pillow and the Tooth Fairy brings him or her a treat. Isn’t that exciting?

Please check out the entire Tangerine Begonias gang here. Soon, there will be a Tangerine Begonias website full of pillows, jewelry, and lots of neat other things. I’m working on an ETSY store to launch in the near future. These make GREAT holiday gifts!



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