new recipes this week

Well, if you read my post from earlier in the week, I had picked out two recipes to try, but I didn’t get to either of them. I ended up making THREE new different recipes instead!

The other day, my vegan friend brought us fresh produce, so I ended up cooking up collard greens & kale. I had never cooked (or eaten) kale, so that was fun. They were yummy! I also made my very first batch of homemade cornbread. Ever. That’s pretty said to be 31 and have never made cornbread from something besides Jiffy! My mom had bought me an iron skillet for my birthday six months ago and I finally used it. It was tasty cornbread!

My son admiring the produce. That eggplant is so pretty!

My son admiring the produce. That eggplant is so pretty!

One night I made tomatoes gratin from tomatoes my dad had given me. I tweaked that recipe a bit using Italian breadcrumbs that were pre-made.

Last night, I made this pasta dish with chicken, white whine, mustard, and mushrooms. It called for an onion, but I couldn’t find the onion I’d bought at the grocery store. Funny thing is, I go back to the store today and the onion is in my reusable shopping bag. My gracious husband had taken in the groceries and inadvertently missed the onion in the bag. It was funny.

Needless to say, it’s been a good week for food. We’re having homecoming at my church on Sunday, so that will be a good meal, too. On Monday, I’m starting a 3 day detox. I’m not a fan (or foe) of Dr. Oz, but I’m going to try his detox plan. Just want to kick start my system and maybe lose a couple of pounds. I’m doing a triathlon next Saturday, and I’m wondering how/if it will affect my performance. I hope it makes me faster!




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