labor day laboring

I’m thankful for this beautiful Labor Day, even though I find myself laboring a bit more than usual (but I’m enjoying it). I started my morning with my 19 month old son yelling, waking me up. He was just letting me know he was awake and it was cute. Thankfully, he’s still in his crib and hasn’t attempted to climb out yet. After some sweet snuggling under the covers with my little fellow, we had breakfast together and then I got to take a little run around the farm. I didn’t go very far, but it was a good workout and way to start my day.

Then, I picked some more apples off the tree beside our house and dug some taters for potato salad. We’re heading to my dad’s for an afternoon cookout, so I’m bringing the side of potatoes. I peeled and hacked up those apples and am cooking them down to applesauce. If it goes well, I may try to can some applesauce this fall. I’m thinking I could make crock pot apple butter and give it away as Christmas gifts this year. Why not use all these free apples in my back yard?!

And, my last order of business while my son naps is to go pile up the apple peels in the corner at the bottom of our yard and start a compost pile. I found a good little article that made it look less daunting, so I’m going to go get it started. Hopefully the husband will oblige me in my efforts!

I ran across a neat magazine yesterday called “Grit”. My favorite article was “2013 Homesteaders of the Year”. After reading that, I want to be a homesteader so badly! I mean, these folks are growing anywhere from 40-70% of their own food! Wouldn’t that be the neatest feeling? And, I know it won’t be easy, but this one woman wrote about how her day job was just her job, but when she got home to her farm, that’s when she really felt happy.

I know I sound like a crazy lady, but I’m going to take this a little bit at a time and see how it goes. Is anyone out there already homesteading?



  1. You’re so right! Attitude (niceness, gratitude, common decency) is IMPORTANT!

    I’m a grandmother now; didn’t homeschool my own but I’m an educator who was involved with (and helped with the education of) a lot of home-schoolering families. I’m very supportive of the process for families who are committed to it.

    And yes, do use those apples. My chef-husband and I are avid gardeners and canners/preservers. It’s so fulfilling–the kind of meaningful work that is its own blessing and reward.

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