two movie reviews & a crazy evening

It’s been months since I saw a movie – Cloud Atlas was the last one, actually. Then, I got on a kick this week and watched The Lone Ranger AND The Heat. Thought I would put my two cents in for each one.

I saw The Lone Ranger on the 4th with my dad. He loves Westerns and I love Johnny Depp. I give it 3 out of 5 stars. I found myself laughing at several parts and it was loosely historical, I guess. It really showed us again how bad we were to the native Americans. I thought Johnny did a good job and he reminded me a lot of his pirate self from years past. Dad was expecting a more realistic Western and I think it was a little far fetched for him. I found it amusing and entertaining, and I think it’s a good film for ages 13+.

Now, The Heat was hysterical in parts, but I felt like I needed to go back to church after the language. I mean, it was “F” this and “GD” that throughout the ENTIRE movie. Thankfully, it was only the one character and Sandra Bullock didn’t cuss until the very end. There’s one part where this dude gets choked on a pancake in a Denny’s restaurant where I laughed until I cried, though. It was hilarious. I would say this movie is an 18+ movie and I give it 2.5 stars. The language was a real buzz kill, especially if you’re a Christian. I felt the urge to leave the theater because of it.

On another note, it has rained here ALL WEEK! I’m talking 10+ inches of rain. This evening was no exception. We got into a bad storm on our way home of heavy rain and bad lightning. A strange thing happened on my way home. We live on a dirt road that hardly ever gets any traffic, but it loops back to the main road. I was coming home on the dirt road when I passed a bright yellow Jeep with vanity plates that I recognized. They belonged to my cousin who lives 6 hours away and who I’ve not seen in 5 or 6 years. I luckily had his phone number programmed into my phone, so I called him. He had taken the dirt road to go around a bad car accident that had happened on the main road. I asked him to turn around and come back to my house since he’d never been here before.

He came back and visited for a bit, and we talked about parenting, marriage, and family happenings. It was great to see him and such an odd chance. He told me he had stopped at an overlook on the way here to take some pictures. Thankfully he did, or it could have been him in the accident. It’s rumored that a man died in the wreck, and I’m terribly sad for his family.

I saw a rainbow just a bit ago, so maybe that means all this rain is about over. I sure hope so. Here are some pictures I’ve taken recently of my husband’s grandmother’s beautiful flowers and the God given paintings of the sky I’m so fortunate to see.


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