thank God for good dads

Me and my dad about 30 years ago.

Me and my dad about 30 years ago.

I find it amusing that my dad was in the crib with me in this photo and the thing didn’t cave in. I think at the time, he weight a whopping 150 pounds or so. I guess cribs back then were made a little more sturdy than now. I’m not going to even try to see if my son’s crib can hold me.

I’m so thankful to have a wonderful dad. He’d do anything for me and give me anything I asked for. But, he’s not spoiled me, if that makes any sense. He loves his grandson and my sisters the same way, too. He’s always there if we need him.

I’m also grateful for a wonderful husband who is a fantastic dad to our son. He’s leading him in the right way by spending quality time with him as well as making sure he goes to church and lead a Christian life.

I’m thankful for my father-in-law who treats me like his own flesh and blood daughter. He’s gone above and beyond to treat me well these past 11 years.

Most of all, I’m thankful for my Dad in heaven. The One who created me. The One that gives me the hope to live each day. The One who provides for my every need.

I hope you have a special man to spend Father’s Day with. Most of all, I hope you know my Dad personally. He’s your Dad, too.


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