slow and steady

I ran my first 10K race today. While I was running, I thought about how strange it is when you fall in behind someone driving 35 mph in a 55 mph zone, then when they hit the 25 mph zone, they keep going 35. It’s like they only know one speed. Well, that’s the way I run. It seems it doesn’t matter if I run a 5k, 10K, or run the last leg of a triathlon (5k normally), I always go at about the same pace. It really baffles me. I guess that’s just what I’ve conditioned my body to.

Oh, I don’t really “run”…I guess my speed is more of a “jog”. I completed the 6.2 miles today in an hour and 6 minutes. Not too bad for a gal who can’t remember ever running more than 5 miles. And, here lately, I’ve only run 3 miles at most. 

I was supposed to do a 44 mile charity bike ride today, but my friend couldn’t go and I wasn’t going to talk to myself that entire time. Normally, this is the weekend I do the Smith Mountain Lake triathlon, but my butt wasn’t getting in that cold lake. It was pretty cold this morning – maybe 46 degrees. I know that lake has not warmed up to over 62 degrees yet. 

I’ve always wanted to run this 10k, so yesterday I decided I’d go this morning. It was a good race with a small crowd. The entire thing takes place on the New River Trail, so there were no vehicles to worry about and I got to be in the natural setting. 

I wish I would have kept a list of all the races I’ve done over the past 8 or so years. I have the t-shirts (which I plan to make into a quilt in the near future), but I don’t have my time, where I placed, etc. I guess I could go back and look at ribbons and medals, but it would be neat to have a log. 

So far, I’ve done triathlons, duathlons (which are harder than tris, in my opinion), 5k runs, 10k run, cyclocross races…I think that’s in. What’s next?


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