the joys of childhood…and spring

My future cyclist

My future cyclist

Do you remember being young and riding your bicycle in the spring? There’s just something magical about being able to get outside and play. Then, when you have your own children, it seems that magic is rekindled.

I remember my cousin telling me about how much fun having kids would be when she found out that I was pregnant. She told me how simple things like ice cream turn into amazing events. I have to agree.

Our son is now 15 months old and he’s just something else to watch. We really enjoy having him as our entertainment. He’s so much better than any TV show!

I ordered him a balance bike earlier this week. It got here and his legs are about 3″ too short. So, today his grandpa bought him a tricycle. He can actually ride it, but he hasn’t really figured out the pedals yet. I don’t think it will take long, because it seems he advances so quickly all the time. Either way, I had to share the picture of him riding his tricycle with his new helmet in only his diaper and camo crocs. Oh, how I love this little “cotton top”.


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