$50, $60, $70

I’ve been thinking a lot about money this week…probably because I don’t have much of it. Now, I’m not complaining. I think life is much simpler when you have enough, but not too much money. Plus, the good Lord provides every need I have, along with most of my wants (I’m old enough now to know the difference).

I’ve beaten myself up a bit about a poor money choice on my part earlier this week. Granted, it was only $50 and not $500, but it’s still bugged me. I guess I was trying to pretend to be something I’m not. My friend and I went to this swanky resort for Sunday brunch last week. It had been forever since we’d caught up, and we were both curious about this resort, so we decided to go. Well, the brunch was $29, the peach bellini was $12, and with tax & tip, I spent $50 for brunch for me. Alone. Yikes!

The food was good and the service was, too. But, I could have gotten the same meal for $25 at a nice restaurant. We got to take a tour of this resort where the cheapest rooms are more than $300 per night. Yep, they were night, but nothing like I expected. I told the guy giving us the tour that I could see paying those rates if we had a view of the ocean, but when you’re viewing a golf course and mountains… no, thanks.

So, I’ve told you about the $50. The $60 is approximately what my husband and I spent at Ruby Tuesday last week. The meal was good, but come on – $60?

I got almost a week’s worth of groceries for $70 earlier this week. Which really puts me to shame for spending that other money on eating out. I guess I think about “the starving children” all over the world. And, about how these expensive dining experiences are setting us back from our goal of home ownership. I’m all about having fun, but we’re going to have to reign it in a bit.

Anyway, frugal people all over the world, here’s to you! I hope to be in your club in the near future.


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