sweet caroline (and other thoughts)

Last night, my husband and I were singing “Sweet Caroline”, but we couldn’t remember the words, so we had to look it up on  YouTube. Needless to say, our son thought it was funny that we were howling at the top of our lungs at the dinner table. I honestly don’t remember even knowing about that song until watching “Fever Pitch” several years ago. If I did know of the song, I didn’t know it had anything to do with baseball. Anyway, I’ve heard it twice on the radio today (including this very minute while I type). Tis baseball season!

A little bit ago, I helped lifeguard at the pool while a bunch of middle school kids came in to swim. Gosh, I remember being in that awkward age! It’s terrifying for me to imagine my son (now a whopping 1 year old), as a 13 year old kid. It almost made me cry thinking of the challenges he will face. I know the majority of kids make it through, but kids these days are different…I just can’t help but think most of them are mean, self-absorbed, and materialistic (heck, I spot cleaned the locker room after they left and that told me a lot).

What it all boils down to, is that I want to teach my son to be a GOOD kid. One that considers other’s feelings and doesn’t care if his shoes are name brand or not. That’s going to be a hard job, but surely I can do it. Right???

On another note, I really have prayed for those affected by the Boston marathon bombing. Of course, we are all appalled by the actions of whomever did this. My husband and I laid in bed last night talking about the situation, and he was actually more deeply disturbed than I was. He’s in law enforcement and he really sees the way the world is becoming. I think it also upset him more because he has a heart for sporting events. We talked a bit about a seminar he went to a year or so ago about “Sheepdogs”. If you have a minute, check out the link – there’s LOTS of good information about crime and keeping your family safe.


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