I’m sitting outside and it’s 7 pm. It’s warmer right now than it’s been all day…today was cold and breezy, but now it’s decided to get pretty. The robins are out in full force filling up their bellies with earthworms (I called them “wormsicles” the other day because it was so cold…witty, eh?). I love to hear the birds.

We took our son to his first Easter egg hunt today. It was a public affair where the folks dropped about 500 eggs onto the baseball field, then let the 1-3 year old kids pick them up. There were so many kids that the eggs were gone in probably 5 minutes. I think our son got 4 or 5, but it was fun and cute. He would pick up and egg, yell, and throw it in his bucket. He also met the Easter bunny, and he seemed to like her.

Here are some shots I captured lately of our deer friends, robins, and more.


Our deer friends


March sunset


More deer friends


One of our robins…if you look closely, you will see the snow that was falling that day.


My son playing with the gate. Even though it’s cold, we’ve still been playing outside a lot.



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