peep frogs are here!

I was outside with my son yesterday when I heard them – the peep frogs are finally out, singing their glorious spring tunes! Their music has to be one of the best sounds to my ears. Not only do they let you know spring is almost here, but it’s just soothing in some way. When my husband got home, I told him I heard them, and he didn’t believe me. So, I opened the window and made him listen.

While my son and I were playing in the yard yesterday, I also noticed that the trees are just about to pop out in new buds. I’m very excited! I love spring and summer, so I’m ready to see some green.

Someone else loves peepers just like I do. They even felt inspired to write a poem about them…


Massive legions claim the night,
from dusk till dawn till morning light.
Outside my door and weathered walls,
the summoned roar and trumpet calls
of creatures’ spawn to grow one inch,
yet blast love calls that make us flinch.
Before I die and meet the Reaper,
grant me the chance to spot one Peeper.



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