the controversial commercial

I had a lengthy conversation last night with my sister and her boyfriend about a commercial that recently aired for Amazon’s Kindle. It’s the one where, at the end of the commercial, the man reveals that he’s married to another man. Oh, how subtle but stark (if that makes any sense).

The boyfriend recommended that since the name of my blog is “Because Nice Matters” I should blog about the internal controversy I had over whether or not to blog about the commercial and my feelings about it. I think in a way he is right. I’m not going to sit here and condemn people one way or the other, but I have to tell you what I did, because of the way I believe.

I wrote a letter to Amazon – hand written on notebook paper. I asked them to cancel my accounts and reconsider taking that commercial off the air. I nicely let them know that I don’t agree with their marketing and that I will not be purchasing from or supporting their company as long as they are promoting homosexuality. I also gave up my beloved Kindle – it was given to me, so I gave it back to the person who gave it to me.

Call me crazy – that’s ok. I only have One that I must answer to for my actions (ultimately). I’m not a hater of anyone – I love all people. I really do. But, if you don’t make a stand for what you believe is right, then you’ll be pushed around in everything.


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