the $1 dilemma

Today, I went through a local drive through for lunch (shame on me). The lady started off the transaction with something like “Hold on” through the speaker. Then, she came back and said something along the lines of “What can I get ya?” I’m impressed by her total lack of customer service experience. I placed my order and I’m told “613”. No “Please drive around” or anything of that nature.

I drive around, handing her $10.15. It crossed my mind to remark about her enthusiasm about working the drive through, but I thought maybe she was just having a bad day. Or, perhaps, a bad life. So, I get my food and my change. Not four one-dollar bills, but five. Yep, five. One too many.

I sat in the exit lane debating my situation. I could drive away and put that extra dollar in the offering plate at church. But, as soon as I pulled out of that parking lot, surely I would be rear-ended for stealing. Plus, the girl was already having a hard time. What if her till came up short that evening and she got in trouble?

What did I do? I turned around, going back through the drive through, not stopping at the speaker. She saw me coming and crossed her arms over her chest. In her mind, I was coming back to complain about my order being incorrect. The window came open with a sour look on her face. I handed the dollar to her. “You gave me too much change.”

The eyes lightened and lo and behold, a smile spread across her face. “Thank you so much for bringing that back!”

Earlier this morning, a preacher (of all people) was antagonizing me about racism. He was telling me he used to not be racist, but the older he gets, the harder it was not to be. Of the things I said to him (condemning racism), one thing I mentioned is that all we can do is live our lives the correct way, hoping to make an impact on those around us. I hope that $1 made a difference somehow today. Maybe it’s just me being a dreamer.

A random, funny picture of our dog, Cujo, pretending to be a prairie dog. See anything missing?

A random, funny picture of our dog, Cujo, pretending to be a prairie dog. See anything missing?


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