my son is one today

The birthday boy.

The birthday boy.

Today is my son’s first birthday! Any parent knows that this is a special day. I’ve been thinking about how a year ago today, I was in labor for 17 hours before he finally decided to arrive. I remember asking my husband, “Is he out?! Is he ok?!” when E. finally did decide to grace us with his presence. I’ve also been thinking about how helpless and small he was just 12 months ago and now he’s jabbering and on the verge of walking.

I feel very blessed to be his mom. Heck, I feel blessed to be a mom in general. I always wanted to be pregnant, but I honestly didn’t think I’d have any patience with children. So far, it’s been amazing how much patience I’ve had with my son. I just don’t get irritated with him. How could I? He is only a tiny fellow who doesn’t know right from wrong. Thankfully, though, he does mostly right. His biggest wrongs so far are trying to pull my hair and bite, but he normally quits after a few “No, no, no” and “Be easy” statements.

We had him a little birthday party at our home on Saturday with immediate family and it was so nice. Most of the people that have helped us so much this past year and when we were pregnant were there. Our son got spoiled with gifts and had fun destroying the cake my sister made him. Then, my husband and I got to watch him play that afternoon – he was feeling pretty silly and making all kinds of noise.

He’s celebrating his birthday by sleeping in. He’s never slept this late as far as I can remember. He slept from 8 pm to 6:30 am, drank some milk and is still asleep at 9 am. He had RSV and an ear infection a few weeks ago and hadn’t been sleeping well since. Then, we just had this full moon and that was waking him up, too. Last night, I muttered, “It would be great if he slept through the night again like he used to” and he did!

Happy birthday to my handsome, blue-eyed blessing.

My son at his first birthday party on a bouncing turtle he got from his aunt and uncle.

My son at his first birthday party on a bouncing turtle he got from his aunt and uncle.


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