book review: “The Omnivore’s Dilemma”



Oh boy! I just finished this up last week and now I’m looking at all food differently. If you care about your health and/or your family’s health, you better read this book. I stumbled across it when trying to find a library book for my Kindle, so I downloaded it. I’m glad I did.

Michael Pollan takes you on a trip on where our food comes from and what process it goes through before we eat it. He points out how much corn is being grown now and how high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is in the majority of food we consume. He reveals the nasty way our meat is raised and slaughtered and how the animals we eat are forced to eat corn and other food they were not created to eat.

Some of the most shocking things I read were about the chemicals industrial food companies are using on our food. How if the chemical sprayer breaks in a corn field, they won’t send a worker out there for days because the chemicals are so toxic. Also, the potatoes used for french fries are so toxic that they have to leave them in storehouses for 6 months before they can be processed and distributed.

Not all hope is lost, though. He visits a farm in good, ol’ Charlottesville, Virginia (yay, Virginia!) where farming is happening the way it’s supposed to. The animals are treated well and the food is safe and sustainable for the environment. I honestly wanted to be a farmer by the time I was done reading the book.

I live on a farm, but I don’t really work it. My husband’s family have dairy farmed for years, but a couple of years ago they quit for a while, switching to beef cows. However, the talk of milking is back in the picture now. I’m happy to say that the cows on this farm get to roam around and eat grass in wide, open pastures.

I also decided (before reading the book, but it confirmed my thoughts) to help my husband’s grandmother with her garden this spring and summer. She has this amazing, huge garden and I can access it easily. So, this year, I’m going to work and grow some of our food! I think I’m going to plant some small plants around our house to make a quick salad patch, too.

I sound ambitious, don’t I? 🙂



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