shame on me

Recently, I’ve had three chances that I can clearly recall to witness about Jesus, but I’ve only taken advantage of two of them. This makes me really sad, because I shouldn’t deny Christ. At the same time, I’m glad I can “discern” how I need to improve.

On Friday, a little boy shared my lunch with me. Before we ate, I should have grabbed his hand and asked him if he wanted to say grace, but I quietly bowed my head and blessed my food. This same little boy had mentioned just a few days earlier that he’d been playing with an Ouija board. Certainly, he needs to pray. Shame on me for not asking if he wanted to join in the blessing.

Then, I was at a dinner with some non-believers and again, I didn’t volunteer to bless the food and they didn’t think twice about digging in. I should have asked to say a blessing or at least bowed my head to bless my food, but I did not. Why? I guess peer pressure. Shame on me.

Thankfully, I’d been thinking about these instances quite a bit today and last night, so when the opportunity arose today to witness, I finally did it! A lady I know is very down in the dumps and worries about everything all the time. I mean, everything all the time, no kidding. Either way, I was being my happy, silly self today and she made a comment like, “You don’t have a worry in the world, do you?” I told her that for the most part, I don’t worry because I know I’m not in control of anything. I did tell her I worry about my son’s eating habits, watching too much TV, and little things like that, but I don’t stress too much about it. I’ve learned that it doesn’t pay to be stressed or worried. I truly have decided to give it to God and let him handle it. He’ll tell me what I need to do.

So, my prayer today is this:

Dear Lord, be with me and lead me when I don’t have the words or I’m embarrassed to speak out on Your behalf. Don’t let me be ashamed of You, because I don’t want You to be ashamed of me. Let me be a shining light in this dark world. In Jesus name, Amen.


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