The word “discernment” has been popping up a lot here lately. It’s funny, because I remember the first time I was really introduced to the meaning of the word. I was taking an art class in college and the teacher talked quite a bit about it. That same teacher taught me about Mondrian and a few weeks ago at my sister’s graduation ceremony, I saw a cap decorated with his famous black, white, yellow, blue, and red lines. But, I digress.

Either way, discernment is a neat thing if you think about it…”the ability to judge well.” If you are like me, you’ve had your fair share of bad judgement calls in your lifetime. Hopefully, you’ve had far more good than bad.

I recently read an article (I think in my daily devotional journal?) about a woman who thought God was opening doors for her in her career because she kept advancing, but she finally realized that her relationship with God was suffering while she was climbing the ladder. It wasn’t until she gave up spending so much time in her career that she truly felt satisfied.

A few months ago, I decided to change jobs after nearly 9 years. I loved the job I was at…until my son came along. I knew that God was calling me to make a change and it was darn scary. Eventually, I gave into His leading and it was a really good judgement call. I was just telling my husband the other day how content I am with my life. I mean, I’ve got it REALLY good. Ask some rich folks looking in if they agree and they’d say “That girl is crazy! She doesn’t have a thing.” But, I really do feel richer than most folks in this big world.


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