you got to have faith-uh

The sun shining through the ice covered branches

The sun shining through the ice covered branches

Ah, George Michaels said it best when he said “You gotta have faith-uh, faith-uh, faith-uh.” That’s what I did this past week and it worked out well.

Last Friday, my son (now 11 months old) came down with a cold. It got progressively worse with a fever, cough, and terribly snotty nose. By Wednesday morning, he was a very sick child. Nowadays, it’s drilled into parent’s heads NOT to take their kids to the doctor. I can see that in most cases, but after a fairly sleepless night on Tuesday, I decided enough was enough. Besides, he had run a fever since Saturday and that was 4 days.

I took him to the doctor where they reported a 104 degree temperature. After checking for the flu, they decided to test for RSV. Before the doc came back with the test results, I knew that was going to be it. My nephew had been hospitalized with RSV a couple of years ago and it worried me a little. When the doctor told us to take him to the hospital for x-rays to rule out pneumonia, inside I cried a little, but my outer shell was not showing it.

Thankfully, he didn’t have pneumonia, but all you can do for RSV is give tylenol and ibuprofen and wait it out unless they get really bad off. So, for the past 3 days, he’s rested a lot and now he’s starting to act like the little fella I knew last week.

I write all of this to say that through this all, I honestly had a peace that things were going to be fine, no matter what. I trusted that God would take care of him – one way or another, and He did. There were folks around me in the family that were all to pieces, but I just had faith that he would be fine. It’s funny to think that I’m the mom and I seemed so hard, but I’ve realized in life that it doesn’t pay to worry. Of course, I do find myself worrying sometimes, but I’m quick to put it away.

I wish I knew the verses from the Bible that talk about how we shouldn’t worry about things in life…what we will eat and wear. God takes care of the flowers and the birds and they don’t even know where their next meal will come from. If He cares for the animals and plants like that, surely he’s going to take care of us.

On another note, we had a small ice storm the other day and I was fortunate enough to get some pictures and a short video of the ice melting when the sun started rising. It was beautiful!


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