special times with my son

I’ve had some really special moments with my son these past few days. He just makes me so happy and spending time with him is the highlight of my day. Yesterday afternoon, I pulled out the bassinet he’d slept in when he was a newborn and we played train in the living room. He had the best time rolling around in that thing and I had so much fun pushing him around.

Then, the other night, he was having trouble sleeping (which is very rare), so I just held him and we looked at the Christmas tree for a bit. He was so still that I thought he’d fallen asleep. As I looked at his little blond head and eyelashes, nose and chin, it made me cry because of how much I love him and how perfect he seems. I just can’t believe he’s real sometimes.

I am so thankful I have the time to spend with him when we can just goof off and enjoy ourselves. And, I’ve thought that if I love my son as much as I do, how much God must love us as his children. The thought just blows my mind.


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