oh christmas tree

My son’s first experience with Christmas lights

We got our first family Christmas tree this evening after I got home from work. It was fun walking around in the field picking out the perfect one. Our son was nervous when my husband fired up the chainsaw and cut it down – I don’t think he liked the noise. It’s a small tree and we’ve placed it on top of a wooden box my dad made for me when I was young. At first, it was my toy box and then it turned into my hope chest. Now, it houses keepsakes like old photographs and sentimental items. We decided to put it on the box so the baby doesn’t tear it down this Christmas. I actually got the Santa cap on him and snapped a picture before he ripped his hat off.

I love having a Christmas tree up. When we were little, we didn’t get a tree until a week or two before Christmas, so when we got married, I told my husband we had to get one right after Thanksgiving and he’s always been obliging. His family’s tradition was to have it up by his birthday on December 3. I love leaving it up after Christmas because it breaks my heart to take it down. I get used to the way it lights up the house and the darkness in January leaves me sad.

In elementary school, I remember the teachers showing us this filmstrip (do you remember those) of this Christmas tree that’s sad and gets burned up in the end. Do you remember that? It was honestly very disturbing and I hope they don’t show things like that in school anymore.

I think my son’s very first Christmas tree is very nice indeed.


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