walking wings & the breastfeeding diet

My father in law has taken to purchasing items online – most specifically, amazon.com. He’s been at it for a while now and today he surprised us with this new gadget that I didn’t even know existed – they are called “Walking Wings”. I can see how these suckers really are going to help our baby learn how to walk without breaking our backs!

Walking Wings teach your baby how to walk (I was hoping they would teach him how to fly)

On another note, I am down to 151 pounds! I was 160 when I got pregnant, so I am 10 pounds lighter than before and I can’t believe it. I really have to credit it to breast feeding our son. I try to watch what I eat and exercise a few times a week, but I’ve been eating sweets and everything. My fear is that when I quit nursing him, I’m going to gain weight quickly. So, here’s my diet plan…I’m going to continue to pump even after he quits nursing! It burns about 500 calories per day, I’ve read. Or, I could continue nursing him until I get pregnant again. You know, I’m only kidding but it is really tempting to continue to keep the weight off.


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