random wednesday thoughts

I felt like Mr. Rogers this afternoon… I came to work wearing a pair of shoes that were too tight, so I changed into my other shoes. It was Mr. Rogers all the way.

On my way to get my hair cut today, I fell in behind a pickup truck that had a crazy bumper sticker that said something like “Women can come and go but trucks are dependable.” Really? That’s pretty dumb to me – especially when on a FORD truck. Don’t know they know the acronym for FORD? Found On Roadside Dead. Ha ha.

My sister emailed a video of herself from where she lives in Los Altos Hills California. She was in a field wearing a Dallas Cowboys hat petting horses. She looked beautiful and seeing her face made me want to cry. I haven’t seen her in person in over a year and I don’t know when she’ll be home again. I hope it’s soon because I really miss her. I’m blessed to have my other immediate family members within driving distance, but I really do miss her. And, I didn’t know that’s what the California mountains look like.


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