the irish guy named “patty”

I had a crazy dream the other night (which happens almost every night), but I thought I’d start blogging about some of these weirdo dreams and trying to figure out where they are coming from.

Part of the dream was about my younger sister who brought home a new boyfriend. He was Irish and his name was Patty. He was teaching my sister how to embroider with pink thread on pink velour. Later on in the dream, I went to work (but my office looked different) and I fell asleep, waking up at 8 pm. While I was asleep, it had snowed 3 inches and I was trying to get home. Before I left work, I went to talk to my boss and he was sitting behind his laptop. I had long hair in the dream (I have a very short cut right now) and my long hair kept pulling toward his computer like it was full of static.

So, here’s my breakdown of why I think I dreamed some of this stuff…

  • I had been talking about my dad’s siblings earlier that day and his sister’s name was Patty.
  • The pink on pink probably came from a guy who was wearing this orange shirt with an orange logo embroidered on it. I had complimented this guy on that subtle design earlier that day. The pink came from me thinking of breast cancer awareness.
  • Not sure about the rest of the dream…my mom always said when she dreamed of white or snow, someone died, so I always hate dreaming about white or snow. I do dream about snow a lot, though.

A few nights before that, I dreamed about my boss’s son (he may be 8 or 9 years old) who was driving this white little pickup around (there’s white again for you). He was herding cows (there’s a pasture full of cows in my front yard) and needed my help. Strange thing was, these cows turned to homosexual men while we were herding them… I’m thinking that part came from me seeing my gay friend around that time? Anyway, it was a strange dream, too. I’m sure they’ll get even weirder the closer we get to the full moon!


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