snooki, mitt romney, and the magazines

My husband’s grandmother has been passing me old issues of “People” magazine and my husband makes fun of my reading them. He knows I’m not into famous people and honestly, I didn’t know who Snooki was until reading this stupid article recently. Did you know this Snooki had a baby? I’m not sure why the good Lord has allowed someone with a head full of air to procreate, but there are bigger mysteries in this world. Some of my favorite quotes from her interview….

  • “Before I was pushing, I put bronzer on and [false] eyelashes. I wanted to look pretty for him!” As a woman who went through labor approximately 8 months ago, that has to be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard.
  • When asked if they were going to move into their own place soon, the reply was, “It’ll take a year or two. We’re in no rush, because it’s great here, and we have to concentrate on Lorenzo.” Can you hear me rolling my eyes? I’m assuming this ex party girl earned a boatload of money on that Jersey Shore show and she’s live at home with her parents?! Puh-leeze!

I just had to share my disappointment of what the world is coming to.

On a lighter note, I bought my husband a subscription to “ESPN” magazine as a school fundraiser and I read it more than he does. I love the ads in that magazine (it really appeals to my marketing background) and there was the best article about Mitt Romney’s family vacation and their mini family Olympics they do each year. I was impressed that they have done this mini triathlon each year and he almost got beaten by his daughter-in-law who had just given birth about 8 weeks earlier. I have to say I like the idea of a man who focuses on family vacations (albeit at his $8 million mansion) with fitness involved.

Getting back to those good ads – it’s Snickers that have the BEST ads in ESPN magazine. See example below…

Exhibit A: an aromatherapy candle ad featuring Jerome Bettis. I first saw it and thought, “What the heck?!”

Exhibit B: The real ad for Snickers. Pretty darn good marketing and I’m not even their target market!

One more magazine thought and I’m done with this topic – I love “Real Simple”. I feel so inspired after reading that magazine and looking at the pictures. If only I could muster up the energy to cook some of the good looking recipes that I read in there.

Happy reading!


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