vivid dreams

My 7 month old son is down for a nap and I do wonder what he dreams about. I always thought it would be neat to invent a “dream machine” that hooks up your head while you sleep and plays your dreams like a movie.

I had this crazy dream last night (or in the wee hours of the morning, I guess) about going to the hospital to have a baby (no, I am not pregnant). There were these 4 or 5 birthing tables lined up side by side with no curtains separating them or anything. Also, there were nurses hanging up bags of water for the ladies who were going to give birth, but it wasn’t for an IV – it was for them to drink. I was sitting at the foot of one of the birthing beds and they bring this lady in to give birth. I could tell they were in a hurry with her – the baby was almost there.

So, they get her on the table and she pushes ONE time and this very furry baby comes out! It almost looked like a monkey because it had so much hair on its back. The weird part is there were about 10 family members watching this birth as well (men, women, children). It got even stranger when they rolled the lady off the birthing table (pretty much immediately) and said she was 69 years old! She looked that old and I was just amazed that she had a baby at that age.

So, here are my thoughts about this random dream:

  • I think the furry baby/monkey thing came from an email from my sister yesterday. I believe the subject line was “Bill Nye says creationism is bad for children.” and the message of the email was “This makes me sad.” Well, it made me sad, too, because I always liked Bill Nye the Science Guy when I was growing up and for him to NOT believe in creationism is such a loss.


    Poor Bill Nye – all confused about how the world came to be.

  • Another furry baby thing could be from my son’s small patch of fuzz on his lower back. I’ve always found it amusing.
  • The water part, I’m not sure about. They let me drink water while I was in labor, but some hospitals don’t, I’ve heard. I’m a big H20 drinker, so maybe I was thirsty in my sleep?
  • The old lady having a baby – I have NO earthly idea where that came from.

I dream pretty much every night – some random, crazy stuff sometimes. I think I should do a dream blog. Now, if I could just illustrate what I dream, I’d be on to something. Happy slumber!

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