i love the internet (even though i despise facebook)

So, dummy me leaves my key turned in my ignition today after rolling up my windows in my car. Later this afternoon, my husband points out that my lights are on. What do I do? Immediately say it was his fault because he was the last person to drive it. I had forgotten about my rolling up the windows.

After trying to unsuccessfully jump start the darn thing for about 30 minutes, I consulted the internet (and my owner’s manual). After following the instructions, we finally got it to start. Yay!

I get in to drive it around for a few minutes so the battery doesn’t die again and, what’s this? No power steering? Darn it!

What’s a gal to do? Consult Google. Yes, Google. Not Bing, not Yahoo, not Dogpile… Google. I’m a Google gal…like a Chevy gal. But, getting back to the point at hand.

Google let me to a page that instructed me if you jump start your car wrong (the black clippy thing has to be on another part that’s not quite as obvious as what APPEARS to be the negative post thing) then you blow the fuse to your power steering. So, back to the car we went to consult the owner’s manual…again. Guess what? There are no spare 60 amp fuses in the fuse box thing.

Why don’t they have a big sign under the hood that says “This is NOT the negative thing” (replace with correct terminology here).

I know this blog post was more about my car than the internet, but I said (or typed) all of that to type this: the internet probably just saved me a good amount of money on a garage bill. But, if I’m paying $50 per month for internet (yes, I have this MiFi gadget from Verizon) then how much money did it REALLY save me? Oh, the questions of the universe!


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