august 9th, 9 years ago

It’s pouring the rain tonight and I’m so glad that wasn’t the case 9 years today… that’s when I married the best man in the world. Now, everyone says that about their husband – ok, maybe not everyone – but, in my case, it really is true. Here’s a quick list of why he’s the best man:

  • believes in God, goes to church and prays over our meals
  • cleans the house (laundry, dishes, floors, toilets, you name it)
  • pitches in and helps with the baby (but poopy diapers still make him gag)
  • buys me gifts even when I don’t need them (a nice necklace for our anniversary)
  • respects and supports me in all my crazy ideas

But, getting back to the subject at hand. I’ve been married 9 years today. In a way, it’s hard to believe, but in a way, it seems like it’s always been this way. We’ve been together 1/3 of our lives!

I pulled out our wedding photos a minute ago and it made me remember things I’d forgotten. We had the neatest wedding cake – I saw a picture of this cake with no icing at a bridal show and when I told my cake lady what I wanted, she couldn’t fathom (or as my husband would say “phantom”) it. I picked the daisies and brown eyed Susans for the decoration of the cake out of the cow pasture on my wedding morning. I bet the health department would arrest me if they knew that! Puts a whole new meaning to the word “organic”, huh?

The night before the wedding, I stayed the night at my mom’s house (where I had been living), but my sisters and I all slept in the same bed. It was fun to have a sleepover on my last night as an unmarried gal.

Looking back at the photos, it’s sad to see the loved ones that have passed away over the years and the friends I’m no longer in contact with. What will it be like in 10 more years?

I remember trying to put his ring on the wrong hand while we were saying our vows. He reached out his left hand, but I thought he was wrong and grabbed his right hand instead. The ring wouldn’t fit and he just looked at me because he knew what I was doing. I thought I was right, of course. Finally, we ended up laughing when I realized what I was doing.

All my family pitched in and worked hard getting ready for that day. My mom decorated the gazebo that over looks the river. My sisters helped me hand rake up the grass that had been mowed down the day before. My daddy walked with me down the lane that led to the gazebo and gave me away.

I also remember the night before the wedding, daddy was writing me a check for some of the expenses and he started crying when he said, “This will be the last check I write to Mandy (maiden name).” I started crying and told him to stop crying. It was heart breaking!

I leave you with one of my favorite pictures from that day. It was taken right after we walked down the isle as Mr. and Mrs. I think she just captured the joy we were feeling…and the fact that I was wearing flip flops.

A glimpse from my wedding day only 9 short years ago…


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