i’ve been chicken

Haven’t the past couple of weeks been interesting surrounding the whole Chic-Fil-A ordeal? I’m so fed up with the whole debate that I am closing my Facebook account. Yep, after I’ve archived it, it’s being deleted so I won’t be tempted to come back.

I’m all about free speech and opinions, but everything has gotten blown out of proportion and things seem so warped. I stayed out of the middle of it on Facebook, even though I was tempted to put my two cents out there. I was afraid I might hurt someone’s feelings or offend someone, but then I got to thinking, this is MY blog, so I can say whatever the heck I want, huh?

Truth is, I don’t believe in gay marriage. I have gay friends whom I love, but I can’t agree with homosexual marriage. Yes, I’m a Christian. No, I don’t hate anyone. And I’m not going into the debate of equal rights.

So, there. I’ve said my piece (or is it “peace”) and counted to 10. Besides, no one can argue about Chic-Fil-A’s lemonade and waffle fries. MMMMM good!


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