my husband made me cheat

Yep, you heard it right. He made me do it! I had been doing so very well, behaving myself and feeling really proud, but he brought me down this evening.

It all started with an innocent meal at a local deli that we like to eat at. Great sandwiches and we got to sit outside an admire the flowers. I told Mike that I would like to take the baby next door and look at some of the garden items and he agreed. He went inside to pay the bill and that’s when it started. Sticking his head back out the door, he said “Don’t go anywhere.” I knew I was in for it.

Minutes later, the violation occurred when the waitress brought a huge, big fat of carrot cake out for us to enjoy! You see, over a week ago, I vowed no dessert, regular soda or sweet tea for two weeks. I cheated a hair on Sunday with apple pie and a real Coke, but then I was doing really well. I had a few bites of the delicious cake this evening and a few swigs of Pepsi. Shame on me.

Now, when I said he made me cheat, surely you didn’t think I meant something like Indecent Proposal, did you? Geesh!

BUT, the no sweet thing is working well – I’ve lost 2 pounds in less than 2 weeks. I also ran 3 miles this morning which is a first since early on in my pregnancy last year. My belly was all bouncing around and I was out of breath so easily that I decided to quit running. But, I’m back now. Check out this cool mushroom formation in the middle of the football field at the track where I was running. I posted it to Facebook and someone called it a “Fairy Ring”. Pretty neat.

Neat mushroom formation at local high school

The “Fairy Ring” of Mushrooms


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