paper bag pirate

My husband came in the door a few minutes ago and whispered “Come here!”, so I stepped out the door. Then, he tells me to put on my flip flops and come around the back of the house. After I get half way around the back of the house,  he’s saying “You have to see this.” So, I’m thinking he’s trying to get lucky (he tries to trick me sometimes).

BUT, that wasn’t the case. He really did want to show me this neat cloud formation in the sky and look at the lightning bugs slowly rising from the July landscape of our backyard. He gently wrapped his arms around my waist and we admired another one of the good Lord’s beautiful masterpieces.

June 2012 sunset on our hillside

June 2012 sunset on our hillside

He said he wanted to hit some golf balls (mind you, it’s 9 pm and you can hardly see) so I went with him to get the clubs and balls. He brings out a paper bag of balls he bought at this local gas station – $13 worth of balls, to be exact. After dumping the balls from the paper sack into his golf bag, he whacked one WAY out into the trees, all the way over the field. I thought I would try to hit one and I actually did with his coaching skills. I always miss the darn things. Mine went a total of 10 feet, I think. But, I did hit it!

He smacked the third ball out into the field somewhere and when he walked off to retrieve my pitiful attempt at golf, I saw the paper bag lying there and decided to have a little fun. I put it over my head and started trying to tear some eye holes in it so I could see. Needless to say, I got ONE eye hole because I had trimmed my nails down to nothing last night. So, I stuck my arms out in front of me like a zombie and started walking toward him. He’s laughing at me and saying “What are you doing?”

After I peeled the bag off my head (laughing myself), I said “See, I can be fun!” and he’s like, “You’re a lot of fun!” I was afraid I was becoming an old fuddy dud since becoming a mom (you know how we worry, moms).

On the way back to the front door, he says, “Now I only have $12 worth of balls.” But, that $1 sure did equate to a few minutes of fun for the both of us.


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