What “tags” are we missing?

My son Ezra has had this infant seat his entire 4 1/2 month life – he loves it. It has this giraffe and elephant that hang down so he can reach and grab them. I’ve watched him evolve over the past several months – at first, just sitting in the chair, then reaching out for the animals and now he grabs them and studies them carefully. A few days ago, he discovered something that I had even overlooked – there is a tag hanging to the right of his elephant. A little, fabric tag that gives instructions on how to care for the chair. All this time, neither of us had noticed it, and now that’s the first thing he reaches for.

It led me to wonder how many “tags” we miss in our daily lives. How often do we see the same BIG things and miss the small, less obvious items in our lives? One example I can think of is rainbows…when it’s pouring the rain, do you complain or do you try to find the rainbow? Another example are the quiet people in our lives that we bypass daily because the more friendly our outgoing person is easier to see.

I challenge you to stop and think about the “tags” you are missing out in your own life…

On a totally unrelated note, someone has put a flea collar on our cat! Saturday morning, I fed him and he had no flea collar. Then, Saturday evening, on our way out the driveway, here comes Shady with a flea collar on! Kind of made me feel like a bad pet owner, but I appreciate the neighbor that took it upon themselves to do that. 🙂

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